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Darkness Eyelash & Double Eyelash Glue Spree!Collapse )
Closing on 10 Sept '09 2359h TBA. Extended!

Please click on the pictures for details of the products!

Model No.: 7003-9
Colours:  Black, Pink, White
Sizes: 230(35), 235(36), 240(37), 245(38), 250(39)
Heel: 2.5cm

Model No.: 366-2
Colours: Black, White
Sizes: 230(35), 235(36), 240(37), 245(38), 250(39)
Heel: 3.5cm

Model No.: BP8936
Colours: Beige, Black
Size: 225, 230, 235, 240, 245, 250
Heel: 8.5cm

Model No.: 318-A13
Colours: Yellow, Black, White
Sizes:230(36), 235(37), 240(38), 245(39), 250(40)
Heel: 1cm

Model No.: 938-8
Colours: Yellow, Pink, Green, Brown
Sizes: 225, 230, 235, 240, 245
Heel: 1cm

Model No.: Crochet
Sizes: 225, 230, 235, 240, 245, 250
Heel: 1.3cm

Exposed Zip Dress
Material: Cotton
Chest: 74cm
Full length: 84cm

Full Length: 63cm
Hip: 55cm around
Hem: 13cm
Thigh: 28cm
Colours: Navy Greem. Brown, Navy Blue, Grey, Black

Drop Crotch Pants
Full Length: 80cm
Waist: 28 around
Hip: 68cm around
Hem: 12cm
Colours: Grey, Black

Model No.: 239
Colours: Black, Pink, Brown

Model No.: 6908
Colours: Black, Brown

Closing on 10 Sept '09 2359h TBA. Extended!

Terms and Conditions:

  1. This is the best price that I have bargained for from the supplier.
  2. Strictly NO EXCHANGE or REFUND if wrong goods are received due to your own negligence.
  3. No payment = No order.
  4. Spree will take about 2 weeks after closing date.
  5. I am not responsible for lost mails, if this is an area of concern to you, please opt for registered mail, a tracking number will be provided.
  6. Only post your orders once payment is made, transaction reference number is a must.
  7. Please place orders and payment details in ONE post.
  8. If you are making changes to the order, please delete your original post and post as a NEW post.
  9. Updates would be done via mass emailing, thus REMEMBER to leave your email address.
  10. These are the only items I'm spreeing at the moment, which means NO OTHER COLOURS AVAILABLE.
  11. This spree is based in Singapore. International postage rates apply for international buyers. Pls refer to this chart: http://www.speedpost.com.sg/downloads/ratecard/Speedpost%20Worldwide%20Air%20Parcel.pdf
Email: respectyourseoul@gmail.com

Payment method:
POSB Savings 209-16307-1
Please use your LJ nick for IB nick and provide the transaction details.

ATM transfers
Please post time, date, location/branch, amt and ref no. of transfer and reply to your own comment. Please also retain your receipt until spree closure.

1st payment: Price of items ordered
2nd payment: Local Postage


1. Normal/Registered Mail(+$2.24)
2nd payment

2. Meetups for more than 2pairs of shoes only.

Order Format:

Name/Lj nick:
Email address:
Bank account type and no.:

Item 1
Model No.:


Item 2
Model No.:


Total price:

Transaction details:
IB nick:
Amt. transferred:
Reference no.:
Date and time:

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S/S CollectionCollapse )
SOLD OUT!Collapse )

6th Mar 09 - Orders confirmed with supplier

QUICK! Very limited stock!Collapse )


6th Mar 09 - All orders confirmed with supplier, expect sungie89 - OOS and jhyunahn - no reply regarding OOS

 SEOULCIETY is back with COLONIZE!Collapse )


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